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"Eternal Illumination:
A Journey Through Time"

Exhibition Period -

November 17 (Fri), 2023 - March 31 (Sun), 2024 

Location -

Vacheron Constantin Ocean Terminal Flagship Boutique Shop OT288, Level 2, Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

"Eternal Illumination: A Journey Through Time" – Inspired by the wisdom of the 24 Solar Terms, this artwork draws inspiration from the timeless concept of the sundial—a device that has guided humanity in measuring the passage of time through the dance of sunlight. The 24 Solar Terms are the crystallization of ancient Chinese wisdom. They embody our observations of nature and the awareness of time. The sundial, an ancient and timeless instrument, holds a profound significance in the realm of timekeeping. It stands as a symbol of our connection to the cosmos, a testament to humanity's tireless pursuit of measuring time and capturing its fleeting essence.


The ancient craft of Lost Wax Casting, employed in the creation of this installation, is a traditional craft with a history that can be traced back thousands of years. It involves pouring molten metal into plaster moulds, created by lost wax casting, resulting in a final work that is unique and meticulously detailed. 


Yet, it is the play of light and shadow that truly breathes life into "Eternal Illumination." By embracing various angles and textures, the installation orchestrates a mesmerizing display of luminosity and darkness. This interplay not only enhances the immersive journey but also symbolizes the ever-changing nature of time, much like the shifting rays of the sun as it traverses the sky.

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