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“Time Imprints: Tracing Traditions”

Exhibition Period -

March 14 (Thu), 2024 - March 18 (Mon), 2024 

Location -

Tai Kwun, Duplex Studio, Hong Kong

“Time Imprints: Tracing Traditions”: An exhibition from March 16 to 18, at Tai Kwun, Hong Kong, organized by Vacheron Constantin, in partnership with Crafts on Peel, Hong Kong. First part of a series, the exhibition will mark an exciting start of the Maison’s new artistic and cultural project piloting in Hong Kong. In partnership with Crafts on Peel, a charitable organization in Hong Kong, this new initiative will make an effort to preserve, perpetuate and innovate local traditional crafts which, might have humbly appeared in our everyday lives without us noticing, but are now slowly fading away in the tides of time and modernization. The project aims to foster a creative dialogue to reimagine our cultural heritage, to highlight the essence of craftsmanship and folk wisdom in the disappearing local crafts, and to inspire local traditional craftsmen and contemporary artisans in passing-on and exchanging their know-how with innovative thinking.

Master Liu Wing Sheung, one of Hong Kong’s last remaining and preeminent casting craftsmen, who has begun passing along his experience and know-how to Fanson Lam, a young sculptor who has created contemporary art by infusing traditional casting techniques into his work, and Angel Hui, a contemporary painter, whose works feature and continues to transcend the traditional Chinese art of embroidery.

Credit: ELLE MEN

Event Pictures: CRAFTS ON PEEL (Jenny Lin)

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