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Affordable Art Fair HK 2022



If art is synonymous with life, creation takes birth in the everyday. Emotions, memories, and relationships serve as nourishment, but once adorned with the aura of appreciation and collection, art can seem unattainably lofty.

If life is synonymous with art, pushing a shopping cart through a supermarket, every item serves the senses of humanity. Food, temperature, and texture are received differently by individuals, endowed with diverse forms and desires through imagination. Yet, the everyday nature of goods and spaces disconnects them from art in the eyes of the masses.

With accessibility as its selling point, the local art unit "Artube Store," co-curated by KC Wong and Angel Hui arrives at the 9th Affordable Art Fair. Transforming the exhibition venue into a former beloved neighborhood art hub, it further blurs the boundaries between art and life.

在雕、塑的過程中,透過參考指定對象的外型作參考,雕像 亦一步步按照觀察而成立。

In the process of sculpting,
by referencing the outward appearance of a designated subject,
the statue is gradually formed through observation.

And when the material transforms into transparent substance,
all anticipated contours
will be released from the negative space in a different form.

The more control exerted over the external form of the artwork,
the more the trajectory of the negative space exceeds imagination.

我將那段最珍貴的時間收納成禮物,於本屆 Affordable art fair 內售賣最奢侈的事。

A daydream during my time as a student,
or simply getting a good night's sleep,
all feel more luxurious than the present of adulthood.

I have encapsulated that precious period of time as a gift,
and in this edition of the Affordable Art Fair,
I am selling the most extravagant experience.

Extravagant gift_2022_NAPPING_003.jpg
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